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Need a boiler repair in Brockley? Get a quick quote by telling us what’s wrong with your boiler. If an emergency, please call us right away.

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About EcoTek Plumbing and Heating

If you’re in Brockley, London, and in need of an urgent Boiler Repair, look no further than EcoTek Plumbing and Heating. We are your local Gas Safe registered engineers specialising in heating services in South East London. (We also know a thing or two about plumbing). Our dedicated team of Gas Engineers in Brockley operates with kindness, efficiency and professionalism, boasting over 18 years of industry expertise.

When it comes to boiler repairs, servicing and installations, EcoTek Plumbing and Heating is the name to trust. We take immense pride in our competitive pricing and precision in diagnosing appliance faults. For top-tier plumbing and heating solutions in South East London, make the wise choice and select EcoTek Plumbing and Heating as your Gas Engineer of choice.

Boiler Repair Diagnosis

Boiler repairs can be complex and potentially hazardous, so it's always best to consult a qualified professional.
  • No Heat or Hot Water in Brockley?: If your boiler is not producing heat or hot water, it could be due to a faulty thermostat, airlock, or a broken diaphragm.

    Example: If you set the thermostat to a higher temperature, and the boiler still doesn’t produce heat, the thermostat might be malfunctioning.

  • Strange Noises: Unusual noises like banging or whistling can indicate issues with the boiler’s pump or air in the system.

    Example: If you hear a loud banging sound when the boiler starts, it could be due to a faulty pump or air trapped in the system.

  • Leaking: Water leaking from the boiler can be caused by a damaged pressure relief valve, corrosion, or a faulty seal.

    Example: Puddles of water near the boiler could be an indicator of a leaking pressure relief valve.

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Boiler Repair Services

Our aim is to provide you with a general understanding of our process.
  1. Inspect and Identify: Begin by turning off the power supply and gas to the boiler. Inspect the unit to identify the problem. 

  2. Replace or Repair Components: Based on the issue we’ve identified, we may need to replace or repair certain components. If it’s an electrical problem, we’ll use a multimeter to check connections. If it’s a leaking issue, we’ll examine seals and valves.

  3. Bleed Radiators: If there are airlocks in the system causing reduced heat output, we’ll need to bleed the radiators. 

  4. Check Pressure: If low pressure is the problem, repressurize the boiler according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  5. Safety First: We Always prioritise safety. Ensuring there are no gas leaks, and double-checking all connections.

Our Other Gas Services

But that’s not all. EcoTek offer far more than just Boiler Repairs in Brockley. Please see our full list of heating and gas services we provide across Lewisham below. 



Our average customer rating is 5 / 5 based on 82 reviews

What Our Customers Say

Can't recommend these guys enough. Harrison installed a new boiler which has worked perfectly and recently came round to check it was all working ok. Overall, a genuine, trustworthy guy, there aren't many around!
Harrison carried out an annual gas safety check and boiler service. Professional and helpful throughout and reasonable costs - I would be happy to work with him again and to recommend to others.

Boiler Repairs Faqs

Which brands of boilers can you install or service?

We are Vaillant, Worcester and Ideal Boiler Specialists. We can install and service any gas boilers in residential properties for the homeowner or landlord.

Can you fix my gas boiler?

Yes, EcoTek are registered Gas Safe engineers and can perform services, safety checks, repairs and installations on all gas boilers.

Can you service my boiler?

Yes, EcoTek are registered Gas Safe engineers and can perform services, safety checks, repairs and installations on Vaillant, Worcester, Ideal and other  boilers.

Can you install a new boiler?

Yes, but if your boiler has broken down, most boiler problems can be fixed on the day as long as parts are available. EcoTek Plumbing & Heating install Worcester boilers, Vaillant boilers and ideal boilers across Lewisham, London. 

Do you supply landlord gas safety certificates (CP12)?

Yes. A CP12 gas certificate (also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Record) is a document issued in the United Kingdom to certify that gas appliances, flues, and related installations in a rented property are safe to use. This certificate is required by law for landlords and property managers to ensure the safety of their tenants.

How often should my boiler be services?

Yearly. We’ll send you a reminder when it’s due!

Does EcoTek Plumbing and Heating do boiler repairs in Brockley?

Yes, EcoTek Plumbing and Heating is based in Brockley, London and serves the whole London Borough of Lewisham. Your local plumbing and heating expert.

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